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Prof. Dr. Virach Sornlertlamvanich

If LEXiTRON is a corpus-based dictionary; ParSit is an Interlingual based Machine Translation; Sansarn is a statistical based string search engine; ORCHID is a POS-tagged corpus; LinuxTLE and OfficeTLE are localized Open Source Software for Thai language; TCLLEX is a verb-frame lexicon; LIBS is a byte string language identifier; WLE is a web language engineering; Asian WordNet is a WordNet to connect Asian languages; KUI is a knowledge unifying initiator; and XPlog is an experience log, then .... 
Digitized Thailand will be the home platform for them.



RUN Digital Cluster

Concept design of Smart City for Healthy and Safety City

--- For Healthier Life and Safer City ---

Digitized Thailand

To move the country forwards, it’s a challenge for Thailand to transform information to be digital assets so that people and businesses can utilize the digital resources to leverage their life, work, education and business and eventually bring Thailand towards the knowledge-based society as planned.

Digitized Thailand Handbook (English, Thai)

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